Saturday, 31 May 2014

And just like that my Cannonball is over

After almost a month straight of endless preparations, adjustments, fine tuning and restless nights I hopped on my bike this morning to ride north with Bagel to our overnight stop in Lac La Hache. I made it to the next town over before I holed my piston. This bike has been a nightmare, maybe you aren't supposed to take the sign off the roof of a building and try to race it across a continent. I had hoped that after spending countless hours building this thing I'd at least get to start the adventure but it was not to be. It's true, I had a spare piston and might have been able to get on the road again today, but I didn't like the idea of travelling 6500km on my backup with no spares. 

I need to step away from the bike for a few days to keep from screaming at it and then disposing of it in some creatively destructive way. 

I hope there's a next time. I'll kick 2016's ass. 

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