Wednesday, 28 May 2014


My hands are stained grey from endless tinkering and adjusting and tightening and fixing, but I *think* it's done. Is it perfect? No. Could I keep working away at it endless hours and making minor adjustments? Of course. Do I think I can do it with this setup? Yes. But I'll likely be turning a few wrenches along the way. I've got tomorrow to sort out a few loose ends and finish packing, then Friday Bagel and I ride to visit Mr. George Lee, former president of the Vancouver Ruckus Club and current proprietor of the Rangeland Motel and Skookum Scoops of Lac La Hache, BC. If the day goes well, I go to Skookum Scoops for creamery ice cream, if it goes poorly...well, George has a small engine repair side business too and a fully equipped shop at the other end of the motel.

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